Tree Trimming Services

Most people have their trees trimmed to boost their property’s aesthetics, prevent accidents or enhance the home’s general curb appeal. There is no doubt that a well-groomed collection of trees is essential to your landscaping. Yet trees also provide utility with comforting shade that protects you and your property from sun damage.

The Advantages of a Professional Tree Trimming

Keeping your trees well-groomed can benefit you in a number of unique ways. It reduces the potential of a fallen limb damaging someone or something on your property during a particularly nasty storm. This is critically important for property owners who have trees positioned by walkways or by the driveway. It is never a good idea to let your trees grow close to power lines (we work with your power company to resolve these issues) or buildings of any variety. Let our team here at Blue Ox Tree Service trim your tree limbs so that you don’t have to deal with them extending onto your roof, into your home’s exterior or impeding power lines. Nor will you have to worry about fungi or mold moving from tree limbs on over to your roof. Hire us and there won’t be bothersome animals attempting to climb on top of your home from a wayward branch.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Trim Your Trees

The value of each pruning session cannot be understated. The long-term health of your trees hinges on these regular trimmings. Our team understands that each tree and context is unique. We will only apply the proper solutions tailored for the nuances of each situation. Consult with the Blue Ox Tree Service and you will be able to march forward in full confidence with nearly every type of tree trimming project.

Is There a “Best Time” to Trim Trees?

It is prudent to begin pruning trees while they are fairly young. Pruning at this point is the optimal way to catalyze growth and prevent problems that might pop up along throughout the growing process. You can put your faith in our team to perform the best possible structural pruning of your trees so that they look their absolute best throughout the year. We work on young trees and old ones, regardless of their current condition.

Why Regular Trimmings are so Important

Those who fail to have their trees trimmed in a timely manner might find that they become infested with insects or sickened with disease. Though you could attempt to do the work yourself, it is not easy and there is an element of risk. You can lean on our tree experts to bring out the inherent features of your trees and landscaping for the ultimate curb appeal. We are fully insured and licensed so you can trust our team to create a safe environment. Blue Ox Tree Service will study the needs of your current trees and figure out the best way to bring out their natural beauty. All of our equipment is industry approved and meets or exceeds the highest of safety standards. Reach out to us today for a free estimate.