Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an absolutely essential service for the health of your trees. Not only does eliminating dead wood and overgrowth promote the well being of your tree, it enhances its natural beauty. We think of pruning as “sculpting” on your tree. On occasion it may be necessary to remove diseased or damaged branches that could compromise the integrity of the tree, or reduce the amount of weight on a certain branches allowing them to raise up to create the appropriate space over your home, vehicles or walk-ways. Whatever the case may be you can rest assured that Blue Ox Tree Service will prune your trees carefully and judiciously.

Stump Grinding

Once the body of the tree has been removed we are then able to grind the stump as well as any extended surface roots. We typically grind 4-6 inches below the surface to allow new grass or landscaping material to be placed in the area, if desired we can do a more extensive grinding allowing a new tree to be planted in the same location.

Tree Removal By Crane

Occasionally trees or very large limbs are situated in a way that the safest and best option for removing them is to work with a crane. We have the experience and knowledge to complete these jobs with the utmost safety.

Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection systems minimize the risk of damage to your trees from a strike. These systems use copper conductors connected to a ground rod to reduce tree damage and conduct the electrical charge to the earth where energy can be dispersed safely.

Cabling and Bracing

Co dominant trees are a common problem here in central Florida. Cabling and bracing are methods by which a structurally deficient tree can be reinforced thru the installation of proper hardware.