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Tree Service
Oldsmar Florida

Tree Service - Oldsmar Florida

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Have you ever attempted to cut your hedges at your Oldsmar property? If so, you likely attempted to trim the hedges into a pleasing shape or generally tried to make them look neat.
Tree trimming accomplishes the same feat. Tree trimming also serves various other purposes, sometimes crossing over with tree pruning. Before you go out and start chopping away at your trees and bushes, you should contact the team at Blue Ox Tree Service to understand the difference between trimming and pruning.
Aesthetics is typically the focus of trimming. But there is more involved than just removing certain branches. An experienced arborist like those at Blue Ox Tree Service must make sure what they trim won’t negatively affect the tree in any way. An Arborist will make a calculated assessment before trimming the tree and potentially damaging the structure.
Tree pruning in Florida can be thought of as a subcategory of tree trimming. Pruning does involve some trimming; however, tree pruning focuses primarily on the health of the tree before any other concerns are addressed.
When an experienced arborist is hired to prune your Oldsmar property tree, they take the entirety of the tree into account. The overall health of a tree including the roots to the crown is an important consideration. Pruning can involve trimming certain parts of a tree so that sunlight can reach other parts of it to help it grow. In addition, an arborist may also do some trimming to remove dead or diseased parts of the tree.
Whether your Oldsmar property trees need trimming or pruning, consider contacting the team at Blu Ox Tree Service today. Our licensed arborist will assess your trees to determine whether tree trimming or tree pruning is your primary need.

Tree Removal

Removal of dead or diseased trees can be a daunting task to consider. But for the safety of yourself and your property, it may be a necessary evil.
If you are considering the removal of a dead or diseased tree at your Oldsmar property, consider contacting the team of licensed professionals at Blue Ox Tree Service. The elements of our Florida weather can wreak havoc on our trees. That’s why the team at Blue Ox Tree Service is here to help.
We are licensed, insured, and experienced, which are the 3 most important considerations when hiring someone to remove your damaged or dead trees. Tree removal should not be done by someone inexperienced at the proper removal of a tree. Inexperienced tree removal can do more harm than good and may cost you or your property more in expense than simply hiring a professional.
Our team of certified arborists will assess the disease or damage on your tree and determine if removal is imminent. If so, we will provide a complimentary written estimate for you to consider before deciding to hire our team.
Once you have considered our proposal and decide to move forward, we will schedule the removal and disposal of your Oldsmar property tree as expeditiously as possible. Let Blue Ox Tree Service be your choice for tree removal in Oldsmar.

Stump Grinding

Now that you have removed that dead or diseased tree from your yard it’s time to grind the stump. That’s where the experts at Blue Ox Tree Service enter.
Grinding the stumps is done using a powerful machine that is rolled up to the stump. Once it is rolled up the stump, the stump is ground into little pieces that are like mulch. The stump grinder chews away at the stump while ripping the wood as it turns. The stump will be reduced to wood chips. You will never even know the tree was there.
When your Oldsmar property needs a stump ground, contact the team at Blue Ox Tree Service to remove that nuisance stump.
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