Prepare for Hurricane Season – Ready the Trees on Your Property

Prepare the trees on your property for hurricane season.

The great state of Florida is certainly filled with tons of things to love, but one not-so-wonderful fact is that many residents are forced to deal with hurricanes every year. While it?s impossible to predict the amount of damage that your area is likely to endure, the best thing you can do is to prepare for hurricane season.

One thing that many homeowners seem to forget or possibly don?t even consider is the danger that trees on your property can present during a hurricane. Whenever a hurricane hits, it brings horrendous winds that can often turn your tree into a hazard.

We?ve compiled a few tips that will allow you to prepare for hurricane season by getting your trees ready for it.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

When you are attempting to prepare for hurricane season, it is important to keep the trees on your property healthy. Make sure they?re receiving enough nourishment and that any damage or disease is rectified right away. When trees are healthy, they are less likely to sustain heavy damage during a hurricane, such as cracking or, in severe cases, falling over.

Get Your Trees Trimmed

During the aftermath of every major storm, a common occurrence that you?ll discover is that the roads and driveways have been covered with branches and leaves. These can be extremely dangerous when they?ve been blown off during a storm. To prepare for hurricane season by reducing the amount of debris that could damage your property or hurt someone, ensure that your trees have been properly trimmed.

Remove Dead or Dying Trees Before Hurricane Season Begins

Trees that are either dead or dying can easily get knocked over during a hurricane and crush vehicles, homes, and even people. To properly prepare for hurricane season, you?ll want to enlist the help of professionals to remove these trees from your property before the storm season kicks up.

Periodic Tree Diagnosis

Having a professional identify the current health of your trees is important when preparing for hurricane season and keeping both your property and loved ones from harm. Depending on the state of a specific tree, you may be able to save it following a diagnosis or it may need to be removed from your property. Either way, the professionals will keep you and your property safe.

Check the Trees After a Hurricane

Even if you do your very best and properly prepare for hurricane season, severe winds can still cause more damage than you anticipated. Once the area is safe following the storm, check the trees for any cracks or damage done by flying debris. If the damage is severe, it would probably be best to have the tree removed just to be sure you?re safe during the next big storm.

Blue Ox Tree Service Can Help You and Your Trees Prepare for Hurricane Season

The best way to prepare for hurricane season so that your trees don?t become a hazard is to enlist the help of professionals. The team at Blue Ox Tree Services has years of experience in tree removal, tree trimming, and other tree services. Reach out to our tree service in Palm Harbor today by calling (727) 485-5114 and we?ll perform a tree diagnosis on your property so you can prepare for hurricane season.

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