Misconceptions About Tree Care Services in Clearwater

Tree care is a bit of a mystery to the average person. Some only think about tree care when something happens to the health and look of trees on their property. It is important to know some basic facts about tree care, so you know what to look for and when to contact professionals for Clearwater tree care services.

Let’s take a quick look at the truth and fiction about tree services in Clearwater FL.

Myth #1: Trees do not Require Pruning in the Summer

Certain types of tree pruning such as a light cleaning of the crown or corrective clipping pose no threat to trees when performed in the summer months. However, if considerable portions of live tissue are removed when the temperatures are particularly high or drought conditions exist, mature trees might endure harmful stress. You should work with a professional tree service in Clearwater Fl for tree pruning services.

Myth #2: Trees Pruned Toward the Early Spring Bleed and Have Health Issues

Certain tree species bleed more than others when pruned toward the early part of the spring season. Yet such bleeding does not cause extensive damage. Consult with a tree service in Clearwater Fl and you will find there is no reason for alarm if a maple or birch tree emits sap when pruning during the spring months.

Myth #3: Root Pruning is No Threat to the Tree

Eliminating a considerable portion of the roots has the potential to cause plenty of damage. Furthermore, root pruning can diminish the tree’s ability to move water and essential nutrients to the canopy to power photosynthesis. The best option is to meet with a professional tree service provider to discuss the best methods to minimize conflicts between the roots and surrounding structures.

Myth #4: Cutting Close to the Trunk Heals Wounds

The ideal reduction cut is executed outside of the branch bark ridge. There is a lifted area that can be identified fairly easily by the site of attachment. This area has tissues that trigger wound closure. The act of flush cutting, meaning cutting that eliminates the branch bark ridge as well as the branch collar, eliminates the tree’s natural ability to seal the pruning wound. Any tree cutting is best left to a professional tree service in Clearwater Fl.

Myth #5: Shade and Fruit Trees can be Pruned Exactly the Same

Experienced arborists are quick to point out pruning fruit trees is much different from pruning shade trees. Shade trees do not need to be pruned as extensively as the average fruit trees. It is recommended pruning according to your unique goals and species.

Myth #6: Trees do Just Fine Without Regular Pruning

Do not make the mistake of skipping pruning. All trees, regardless of their species, require pruning at specific intervals. If you do not have your trees pruned, they will prove less healthy and less visually striking. Your best course of action for tree pruning is to contact a tree service in Clearwater Fl.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service, a Tree Service in Clearwater Fl

Blue Ox Tree Service is a tree service company in Clearwater, Florida. Our team is comprised of fully licensed and insured ISA certified arborists. We have extensive experience in tree trimming and tree diagnosis. Contact our tree service in Palm Harbor today to schedule a no-cost consultation for our tree removal services.

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