What Are Some of the Biggest Concerns About Tree Removal Services?

Tree removal services are often misunderstood as people usually need simple tree pruning. However, neglected trees will eventually falter in due time. If you are in need of tree services, you should understand the basics of tree care.

Here is a look at the merits of tree removal services and common misconceptions about tree removal.

Common Tree Removal Services Misconceptions: Power Lines Pose no Risk

There is a general misconception that taking down a tree does not pose a risk as there is minimal chance of contact with power lines. Furthermore, people typically assume wires near the tree in question might not even be live. The truth is tree tools that contact a power line has the potential to knock out the power across the entire neighborhood. Power lines are even a risk for experienced tree professionals.

Contact with power lines can cause immediate electrocution. Do not put yourself or your loved ones at risk. Always leave tree projects to experienced professionals to ensure your trees are properly removed.

Do not Underestimate Deadwood

There is a widespread notion that decaying wood, also referred to as deadwood, can be removed with ease. A dying tree or a tree that has already died is typically decaying from the interior on out, causing considerable instability. Deadwood is such a problem that tree removal sometimes requires the use of cranes. If you suspect one of your trees is decaying, opt for professional tree removal services.

Tree Removal Services are Dependent on Specific Equipment

The average homeowner does not have the proper equipment required to remove trees. In fact, some brazen homeowners will attempt to topple a tree without any protection or specialized tools/machines.

Tree removal services should be performed in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. OSHA mandates that personnel don protective gear from their feet all the way on up to their head. Professionals who provide removal services have extensive training with the use of removal equipment ranging from chain saws to wood chippers, cranes, etc.

Respect Gravity

Gravity is a legitimate threat to everyone in the vicinity of the tree to be removed. No one has control over the tree when it starts to fall. Unless the cuts are made with carefully placed indentations or ropes, the tree will likely fall any which way. The last thing you need is a tree falling on power lines or people and property in the area.

Don’t take even the slightest chance by attempting DIY removal. Choose professional tree removal services performed by an insured and ISA certified arborists and you won’t have to worry about safety or property damage.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service for Tree Removal Services

Are you interested in tree removal services? Blue Ox is here to help. Our team has extensive experience with tree removal. Contact Blue Ox Tree Service today to learn more about our local tree removal services. We also provide Clearwater tree removal, Dunedin tree removal, and tree service in Palm Harbor.

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