Why Tree Service Workers? Compensation is Important for Any Tree Care Project

Imagine a scenario in which you hire a tree service company to remove a tree, trim your trees or perform another tree service. The company floats out a reasonable rate and agrees to get the work done within a couple of days. The company even says they have the correct tree service workers’ compensation insurance. Everything seems legitimate so you move forward with the project.

The project proceeds without encumbrance or drama until an employee falls from a ladder and lands on your front lawn. You are served with a lawsuit a couple weeks after this unfortunate incident as the tree service provider you hired actually lacked proper workers’ compensation for tree services.?It is vital to only work with tree services that have up-to-date and active workers’ compensation insurance.

Know the Law and Protect Yourself

The nightmare scenario outlined above is more common than most think. Plenty of unscrupulous tree service providers, as well as other types of businesses, intentionally carry limited tree service workers’ compensation insurance or no coverage at all. If a tree service worker endures any sort of injury while working on your property and the employer does not have workers? compensation for tree services, a judge might determine you are liable for the costs related to the injury.

The best way to guard against a potential lawsuit resulting from a worker injury on your property is to only work with a tree service company that provides workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. Though the employees working on your trees might have years of experience, there is always the chance for a mistake, a fall, or other wounds. Those who provide tree services are performing dangerous work that can cause serious injuries. The last thing you need is a lawsuit that has the potential to make you responsible for medical costs and other expenses related to an injury.

When It Comes to Workers? Comp Insurance, Always Do Your Research

Plenty of tree services providers claim they are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. The sad truth is some such business owners and managers will stretch the truth or even lie about their workers’ compensation insurance in an attempt to win business. It is important to distinguish between the different types of insurance. Though some tree companies might have various forms of business insurance, what matters most from your point of view is whether the company has verified and up-to-date tree service workers’ compensation insurance. Ask for proof of workers? compensation insurance prior to making a commitment.

Blue Ox Tree Service Takes Pride in Maintaining Verified and Updated Tree Service Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Our fully insured tree service specialists to work on your property and you won’t have to worry about potential liabilities stemming from accidents you did not cause. Our tree service workers’ compensation insurance is up-to-date and verified so prospective and current clients have absolutely no concerns about potential lawsuits resulting from accidents on their property. We take every possible safety precaution to ensure no one is injured from the moment the tree diagnosis is performed until the job is complete.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service Today

Are you in need of tree trimming, local tree removal, or another tree service in Palm Harbor? Contact Blue Ox Tree Service today at (727) 485-5114 to schedule an appointment. Our clients enjoy worry-free tree care and removal thanks to our tree service workers comp insurance.

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