Tree Diagnosis: Several Issues Your Tree May Be Vulnerable To

Tree diagnosis with any sort of accuracy is easier said than done. You need the assistance of a team of true tree care professionals with decades of industry experience.

Tree Diagnosis: Identifying the Threat of Fungi

Most plant diseases are caused by fungi. Just about every tree is vulnerable to at least one form of fungi. Fungal disease symptoms differ yet it is important to note some good fungi exist that help cycle nutrients. Ample moisture must be present for any type of fungi to grow, regardless of whether it is beneficial or harmful.

Tree Diagnosis: Damage From Lightning

Lightning damages trees at a surprisingly high frequency. Trees often bear the brunt of lightning due to their high elevation. Trees are usually the tallest objects on any property. When hit by lightning, tree sap begins to boil and cells combust within the wood, causing bark to peel or even fly off the tree. In some cases, trees hit by lightning endure injuries within or even below ground even though there are no visible signs of damage on the exterior. This occurs as lightning moves through the tree trunk to the roots and into the ground.

Do not let a lightning-damaged tree remain on your property. Such a tree can even prove hazardous. Have the tree pruned or replaced. Tree diagnosis should be performed at regular intervals to determine their status and gauge the chances of a recovery.

The Importance of Soil and Roots

Soil is essential for tree health. Tree diagnosis is incomplete without an analysis of the surrounding soil. Most tree experts agree the majority of tree decline instances are caused by stressed soil. Urban soil tends to hinder tree growth as it usually lacks the all-important organic layer. Even alterations to pH, drainage, compaction and contact with chemicals can sabotage otherwise good soil. Each of these factors should be accounted for during the tree diagnosis.

Tree Diagnosis: Co-Dominant Stems

Trees with co-dominant stems have a tendency to fail amidst storms. These stems create the shape of the letter ?V? along the base. This shape is not structurally reliable when the winds pick up. The stem will continue to expand, push the bark, and gradually cause decay within the tree that ultimately leads to an early death.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service for Tree Diagnosis and More

Professional tree diagnosis, trimming, and removal is a call away. You can trust our team to diagnose your trees and treat them in a manner that allows them to thrive and look their best. Contact us at (727) 485-5114 to schedule a no-cost consultation from our tree service in Palm Harbor.

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