Why You Need Pinellas Tree Services

Tree services in Pinellas County are necessary more often than most property owners think. Trees make your property that much more visually appealing and welcoming. However, trees require some tender loving care to thrive. Proper tree care will ensure all of your trees look good and prove healthy across the years ahead.

Whether you need tree diagnosis, tree pruning, or tree removal, our team is at your service. Let’s take a look at the top signs that indicate Pinellas tree services are necessary.

Elongated Branches

Tree branches should not be dangling down low or extended to the point that they create a bridge of sorts to the home or building. Furthermore, dead branches should not remain on the tree. If a storm arrives, such tree limbs will prove hazardous. It is even possible that damaged or dead tree branches will end up damaging your house or roof.

The best solution is to completely eliminate the tree. Our tree removal team is here to uproot and transport the dead or dying trees to restore your property’s beauty.

The Importance of Location

The manner in which a tree grows has the potential to damage your home or another portion of your property. Tree branches should not extend to the home’s siding, gutters, or roof. Otherwise, mold will likely grow in these areas. Furthermore, the tree limbs should not grow toward the power lines. If your tree limbs have grown beyond where they should be, do not hesitate to contact professionals for tree care.

Pinellas Tree Services: The Common Signs of Disease

Plenty of trees display signs of disease. Examples of common signs of tree disease include leaves that have fallen off early, discolored leaves, fungus growing along the branches or trunk, and odd bumps along the bark. In certain cases, diseased trees can be managed with careful pruning along with rehabilitation. However, when some types of diseased trees have progressed to a certain point, removal is the sole option.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service for Pinellas Tree Services

If you need Pinellas tree services, contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation. You can reach us at(727) 485-5114. Give us a call to find out more about our tree service in Palm Harbor and schedule an appointment.

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