Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned in the Summer

An inside look at why summer is the best time to have your trees professionally trimmed.

Tree pruning in Palm Harbor is essential for maintaining the look and beauty of your trees as well as the safety of your property. Those who understand the details of tree pruning in Palm Harbor are adamant pruning should occur in the summer months.

The Merits of Summer Tree Pruning in Palm Harbor

Every tree requires some tender loving care to thrive and remain healthy across posterity. Tree pruning is an essential component of such care. Though some insist the winter months are ideal for tree pruning in Palm Harbor, the truth is the summer is the best time to prune trees. Summer tree pruning in Palm Harbor makes sense for a multitude of reasons. This is the best time of the year to shape trees in preparation for the winter.

The summer is perfect for caring for fruit trees and trees that have endured damage. If you were to compare trees professionally pruned in the winter and summer months, you would find those pruned in the summer really do look and grow much better than those tended to in the winter.

Summer Pruning Encourages Growth

Summer tree pruning in Palm Harbor is particularly important for fruit trees. Pruning in the hot months makes it easy for trees to receive adequate sunlight in areas necessary for continued development. Have your trees pruned in the summer and they will prove that much stronger across posterity. Summer tree pruning in Palm Harbor is especially important for young, growing trees that are particularly sensitive. Tree pruning performed by a certified arborist is also important for mature fruit trees.

Branch Development

Summer tree pruning in Palm Harbor is necessary for the growth of strong and durable branches. If pruning does not occur in the summer months, it will be that much more challenging to stimulate the development of branches that prove reliable and robust across posterity. The summer months provide an abundance of well-circulated air and sunlight that facilitate the tree?s overarching health. However, if you rely on amateurs or DIY for tree pruning, major mistakes will be made. This is precisely why it is in your best interest to rely on proven certified arborists.

Summer is the Perfect Time to Remove Dead Limbs

Summer pruning eliminates those diseased, damaged, dead, and unsightly tree limbs. Though such limbs might not seem that problematic, they can cause all sorts of nasty damage and even stress your Palm Harbor trees as they linger in the months and years to come. Lean on professional tree care specialists to eliminate compromised limbs through pruning in the summer months and your trees will be that much more likely to grow and ultimately reach their aesthetic potential.

Blue Ox Tree Service

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