Does Your Tree Need to Be Removed?

Does your property have a dead, dying, or unhealthy tree? Dead and dying trees are a major problem for Palm Harbor properties. If you are even slightly suspicious your trees are dead or dying, it is time for tree removal. There are a number of reasons why it makes more sense to remove a tree as opposed to performing a massive pruning project. It does not matter if your property is a traditional Palm Harbor residence or a business with a tree-shaded parking lot; tree removal in Palm Harbor will prove mutually beneficial to you, your property and in some cases, the tree itself. Here is a quick look at why tree removal in Palm Harbor is often the best option.

1. Upkeep has Become an Annoying, Frustrating and Time-consuming Chore

Every tree has its own unique pruning needs. In some cases, Palm Harbor residents have no idea what they are getting into when attempting to care for a dying tree. There is no sense wasting your time attempting to save a dead or dying tree when tree removal in Palm Harbor is available. It is better to remove this problem from your property and plant one or several new trees.

2. Uncontrollable Disease

Trees are susceptible to disease just like humans. Some tree diseases are quite serious while others are more easily managed. If disease has spread and is killing the tree, it might be easier and cheaper to remove the tree as opposed to attempting to save it. The sooner the disease is identified and treated, the easier it can be controlled.

3. Dead or Dying Trees too Close to Your Home Must be Removed

There is no sense keeping a dying or dead tree around if it grows to the point that it is too close to your home or business. If the tree is struck by lightning or pressured by powerful winds, it might fall and damage your home or vehicle.
Considerations for Tree Removal in Palm Harbor
When considering whether to remove a dead or dying tree, consider how your property will look and feel without the tree. Though trees certainly provide shade, the bottom line is dead and dying trees are legitimate safety hazards. Furthermore, dead and dying trees are eyesores.

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