Is Your Tree Sick? How to Diagnose Your Tree’s Health Issues

The trees on your property might be sick yet you probably won’t know it until visible damage occurs. The only way to accurately gauge the health of your trees is with professional tree diagnosis. Let our tree professionals take a close look at your trees, determine their diagnosis.

Why You Need a Tree professional for Tree Diagnosis in Palm Harbor

Trees are complicated living organisms. It takes an experienced eye to properly analyze a tree’s health. Trees certainly look rigid and strong yet they are susceptible to disease as well as insect attack. When treated promptly, sick and attacked trees stand an excellent chance of rebounding.
Tree diagnosis in Palm Harbor is not a DIY project. Palm Harbor homeowners do not have the trained eye necessary to diagnose tree health nor the experience necessary to determine the best strategy for treatment. Time is of the essence. The earlier treatment is provided, the greater the chances of recovery and ultimately saving your trees.

How to Tell if Your Deciduous Trees are Sick

One of the best ways to tell if your deciduous tree is diseased, ill, or under attack is to pay close attention to the leaves. Leaves generate the tree’s sustenance. If the leaves are not a deep green, of considerable size, and connected to the stalk, something is likely wrong. Deciduous tree leaves that are stunted in growth or yellow and display early drop are unhealthy. Deformed leaves, curled leaves, and visible insect attacks are additional signs of trouble.

The Trunk Might Tell the Tree’s True Story

Tree trunks often provide clues about tree health. If you notice rodent teeth marks or insect holes along the tree base, it is cause for concern. Furthermore, any patches that ooze are a sign of a potentially major problem. Look closely at the trunk to determine if any branches have been lost. If branches are lost, rot and fungus will take their place and kill the tree. Furthermore, if you notice woodpeckers feeding on the tree, there is almost certainly an infestation of insects below the bark.

Coniferous Trees

Evergreen trees, also known as coniferous trees, should be a shade of green and feature leaves across the entirety of the year. Most Palm Harbor property owners are fascinated to learn evergreen trees do not show any signs of illness until several years following the first attack. If your coniferous tree looks any different than it did when healthy, professional tree diagnosis in Palm Harbor is necessary. As an example, needles with a rusty hue, needle-less branch tips, and dead crowns are all indications of underlying issues.

Contact Blue Ox Tree Service for Assistance

If you are dissatisfied with the look or condition of your trees, do not assume you are powerless. Give our tree service in Palm Harbor a call today. You can reach Blue Ox Tree Service at (727) 485-5114.

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