Prepare Your Yard for an Awesome Summer with Tree Care Services

Get your yard ready for all of the summer fun with our tree care services in Clearwater.

Summer is here. This is the time of year to get your yard in tip-top shape so it looks fantastic and provides a safe, clean, and beautiful space for your family. Your trees will not thrive in the transition to the summer and subsequent seasons unless properly cared for. The summer sun, heat, and weather makes tree care that much more challenging and important. Add in the fact that pests and other wildlife are threats to your trees and it is easy to understand why so many are taking advantage of professional tree care services in Clearwater.

Protect Your Trees Against Summertime Damage

Summer tree care is centered on three key areas: analysis, pruning, and cabling. Each one is imperative to tree health, as it addresses the tree’s vital needs to survive and continue to grow. It all starts with an initial evaluation performed by a tree service in Palm Harbor. Tree analysis is just as important as your home analysis. If minor problems are not caught early on, your trees will have major problems as time progresses. This is precisely why trees should be analyzed by a professional at the beginning of the summer season. Once this analysis is performed, solutions for your budget and schedule will be detailed.

Prepare Your Property’s Trees for the Sun, Heat, and Harsh Weather

As noted above, the blazing hot summer poses a threat to your trees? health. However, the problems created by summer heat and weather poses even more challenges in the fall, winter, and spring. If your trees are not properly prepared for autumn and winter with cabling and bracing, they won’t be able to withstand the powerful winds, storms, and dips in temperature. In most cases, fully mature trees will not require cabling or bracing. Yet trees that are not fully developed or weakened trees will require this in order to stop branches and limbs from breaking.

Trees Must be Pruned With Regularity

Take advantage of tree care services in Clearwater by having your trees pruned and trimmed at the appropriate intervals. Regular pruning and trimming is a devalued aspect of tree care. Pruning stimulates healthy tree growth and makes it easier to manage canopy growth, shade, and shape.

Our tree care services in Clearwater bolster branch strength, making leaves that much stronger, colorful, and healthy. However, any old pruning method will not suffice. With professional tree care services, your trees will be pruned to perfection for optimal health and visual appeal. Our proven approach to tree pruning and care enhances your property while simultaneously reducing the chances of branches, limbs, and trunk splitting.

Tree Care Services in Clearwater area Call Away

Do not roll the dice by assuming your trees can endure the scorching hot summer without a little TLC. Your trees need and deserve the best care possible. Opt for our tree care services in Clearwater to maximize your trees’ beauty and lifespan. Give us a call at 727-359-0027 to learn more and schedule a no-cost consultation.

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